It's Halloween, I'm Turning Green!

It's Halloween, I'm Turning Green!

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It's Halloween, I'm Turning Green!

ISBN: 006220680X
EAN: 9780062206800

Written By: Dan Gutman
Illustrated By: Jim Paillot

Binding: Library Binding
Pages: 103


In this Weird School Special, It's Halloween, I'm Turning Green!, A.J. and the gang from the My Weird School series are ready for one of their favorite holidays! It's Halloween, and you know what that means! Candy! Costumes! More candy! What would happen if a kid ate a million hundred pounds of chocolate in one night? One thing's for sure--when A.J. and his friends from Ella Mentry School go trick-or-treating, it will be a Halloween to remember. Bestselling author Dan Gutman brings his wacky, kid-friendly sense of humor to this all-new series of holiday adventures. With hilarious illustrations by Jim Paillot, plus My Weird School trivia and Halloween-themed games, facts, and puzzles, this is one weird Halloween special you don't want to miss!