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Cover Test Submission

Cover Test Submission

Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream Inc.

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We've sold more than five million books in just three short years, and now Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream is proud to offer marketing insight, education, and lead generation based on your cover designs! Simply send us your covers and we'll test them through social media to measure engagement. Our team will analyze the results and report our findings, insights, and leads back to you. The covers that can prove strong engagement will be offered our optional PDIC Publishing Agreement!

Here is what you'll do:
- Schedule this service with our marketing team. 
- Fill in our basic questionnaire that follows. 
- Send us the covers that you'd like to test. 

Here is what we'll do:
- We'll design a custom ad and manage it, for free. 
- We'll utilize 100% of your payment towards funding your ad. 
- We'll will analyze and report all of your results. 

Here's what you'll gain:
- Learn what to optimize in the font, title, colors, and other design elements of your cover to get maximum engagement.
- Receive all the contact information of your potential buyers. 
- Gauge interest and expectations BEFORE you go to print.

- Receive insight into your book's performance, including possible ways to improve.
- Earn the opportunity to be published thru PDIC! 

Message from our Team: 

      After receiving more than 31,000 submissions, we knew there had to be a more accurate and streamlined process for helping people get published.... and this new service does exactly that. By testing a book's cover on social media, we're able to objectively get a sense for how engaging a book will be to families before going to print. This has been one of our secrets of success. And now we're offering it to you.

     You'll be able to learn and compare how receptive buyers are to your book's cover and concept through analyzing our precise data - no more guessing and gambling. Simply share with us the one or two covers that you'd like to have tested. The $500 cost is simply to fund the budget on your ad. Your ad will track clicks, conversion rates, and leads. We manage your ad for free and we don't take any of your investment for ourselves. We're more interested in finding (and publishing) content that's strongly in demand. We are happy to help educate the creators from across the world here since we'll also be offering the best performing content an opportunity to be a part of our library.