Only the best fathers get promoted to GRANDfathers, but...

Grieving the loss of a grandpa is especially difficult for a child. Angel Grandpa is a poem that’s been lovingly crafted to help your child connect to a loved one who has passed. By remembering the precious memories shared with those who are no longer with us, we help them live on in our hearts as they watch over us from above. The beautiful images in this book offer a humble and heartfelt tribute to those we love. This book also contains activity pages where your child can create a memorium to their Angel Grandpa.

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Losing a grandma can be devastating for a child... 

Angel Grandma is a heartfelt poem made to help children connect with their loved one who has passed on. This book is a beautifully written reminder that those who are gone are never forgotten, and that they are watching over us. Written by a mom of two after grieving the loss of her mother and her mother-in-law, this book is a great way to provide comfort to your entire family during the grieving and honoring the process.

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Show your children how much you love them!

Sometimes the most difficult things to say out loud are the most important ones... In our fast-paced world, it is easy to forget how much a simple "I love you" means to a child. This is why the author of this beautifully written and illustrated masterpiece put together a collection of creative and loving words every child would be thankful to hear. "If I were your Angel" is an embodiment of parental love - the best book to help you express feelings to your child/grandchild!

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Children often take their mothers for granted...

This beautiful book is made to help every child understand how many things mothers actually do to help their kids feel loved, happy, and safe. The special bond a mother shares with her children is one of the most powerful forces of nature. The unconditional love from the ever-watchful eye of a mother is something to always be cherished.

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Learning How To Be a GREAT Friend

Do you remember your first friend? Your friends always find a way to double your joys and halve your sorrows. This fun, rhyming book helps children understand the value of having friends and of being a friend to others. This is a great book to get your kids more familiar with reading. And they'll learn about compassion and kindness along the way!

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The Remember Bundle

Bring home the Remember Bundle. Five award-winning books that will help readers remember all the beautiful memories they have shared with their loved ones. 


- Angel Grandma

- Angel Grandpa

- If I were your Angel

- A Mother's Love

- A Friend is Someone Who... 

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