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As mental health concerns for you children have drastically risen due to the COVID epidemic, Dr. Deisy Boscan PhD, a leading child psychologist and psychoanalyst, with specialized training in pediatric neuropsychology, has compiled a list of 10 childrens book that provide kids with techniques on how to stay positive and remain calm in times of distress. Each book of the series provides kids with practical tools to help combat strong feelings of ANGER, ANXIETY, and SADNESS while remaining calm.

New Emotional Learning Bundle (10 Books)

New Emotional Learning Bundle (10 Books)

65 reviews

by Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream Inc.

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Ten expert-written best-sellers with an exclusive discount!

Included you will get:
- Anxiety Beast (written by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist)
- Sherry the Hare Doesn't Know How to Share (written by a Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician)
- Nosy Norris: Its' Not Polite to Stare (written by a Licensed Clinical Counselor)
- Don't Be Afraid to Fail: It's Okay to Make Mistakes! (written by Clinical Psychologist)
- Do I Need More? (written by MD, MPH in Cardiology)
- Slow Down, Sue! (written by Naturopathic Doctor)
- Little Louis Lump (written by Clinical Psychologist)
- Everyone Feels ANGRY Sometimes (written by Child Psychologist)
- Everyone Feels ANXIOUS Sometimes (written by Child Psychologist)
- Everyone Feels SAD Sometimes (written by Child Psychologist)

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